Distinctive Creations offers windows which are of the same premium quality as our bi-folding doors. Our philosophy regarding the windows we create and install is simple: they should be as energy-efficient as possible, let in as much light as possible, and look superb.

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Why Choose Distinctive Creations’ Windows?

You should choose Distinctive Creations to supply and install your windows for one simple reason: we’ll never let you down in terms of build quality, install times, or price. Although we created this company to cater to customers in need of bespoke, higher-end windows and doors, that doesn’t mean we price ourselves out of the range of people with more modest budgets, so make sure you call Distinctive Creations while gathering quotes – you might be surprised how affordable something truly special will be for you!

Light and Warmth

Windows need to be designed in an way which maximises the amount of light and warmth they can offer each particular room. There will be many factors which affect these designs – which direction the room faces, how large or small the room is, etc. When you call a member of the Distinctive Creations team, we will view your home and create a bespoke design which takes all of these factors into account, to create something which will seamlessly improve the way a room feels and how enjoyable it is to live in.

Energy Efficiency

A good window also keeps heat in the room, keeping your heating and energy bills as low as possible. An energy efficient window, compared to an inefficient one, can pay for itself in terms of energy bill savings in as little as a few years! Call a member of our team to explain how these savings work on the following number:

07980 929 531